About Coppretta: All Coppretta sculpture is made with hand-hammered copper, using centuries-old chase and repousse techniques, and is finished with a variety of beautiful patinas. Alabama artist Barbara Lawrence may employ over 20 steps just to bring a flower to completion. Your Coppretta sculpture is lovingly crafted and unique. Each one-of-a-kind piece is designed to bring a lifetime of enjoyment.

Patinas and Finishes: Patinas range from a dark bronze Liver of Sulphur treatment to a beautiful Tiffany Green. The Tiffany Green Patina is the same formula the famous stained glass artist used. Barbara is a relative of Adrien Dalpayrat, a ceramic artist who collaborated with Tiffany, making bases for his lamps. Dalpayrat’s ceramic & bronze works can be found in 26 major museums worldwide. The transparent colored finishes are mixtures of modern dyes added to a lacquer base, to which interference pigments or 23K gold leaf is added. When completed, each sculpture is coated with lacquer to preserve and protect it. All leaf undersides and stems are left as a shiny copper, which reflects and enhances the light which is included in the base of the fountains. This can create a beautiful glowing “fireplace” effect at night and will often cast shimmering leaf shadows on walls and ceilings.

Sales & Commissions: Works in the galleries except the Sold gallery are available for sale. You may request a sculpture similar to those seen there. Please email if you would like to discuss a custom commissioned work or if you have any questions or comments. Blog and video coming soon! Most credit cards and Paypal accepted.

Fountains: My fountains are created using the same techniques as the sculpture, with the addition of submersible 12 volt pump/lights and sometimes river rocks. These water features are soothing during the day. At night they have a copper red glow and cast shimmering botanical shadows on the walls and ceiling due to the moving water and light below.

(video link coming soon!)

Combination 12volt low watt indoor pump/lights are standard and I have found these to be very safe and reliable. Should you need one, replacements are sold to my customers at cost, with easy directions.

Feel free to Email me a comment or inspiration!

Sculpture: In my Sculpture gallery you’ll find a variety of work, including sizes ranging from a few inches, to several feet tall. All are made from copper sheet and wire, and are placed in vintage copper or brass containers I have applied a fresh new patina to. First I sketch my design on paper, then I hand cut each copper part, smooth the edges, and hand hammer with chase and repousse methods to form the shapes and textures in the metal. After many stages of forming, cleaning, and welding, leaves and flowers are treated to a variety of patinas, both modern and traditional. Once the patina has set, the works are then coated with a clear lacquer in layers to preserve and protect it.

I love talking to people at shows, it’s a wonderful source for ideas and inspiration. Sometimes a question can get my imagination going and lead to a wonderful new technique or patina.

So, please, feel free to send your thoughts!

Sold: This gallery shows works that have been previously sold, but by looking over them you may get wonderful ideas for a new commissioned piece. You may request a similar piece, but I will never exactly reproduce a work, ensuring that each will always remain unique.